Changing the future of arsine supply for MOCVD

Arsine gas is an
industrial Pandora's Box.

Premissa is a provider of equipment and services for on-demand industrial specialty hydride gases--such as arsine--used for production of semiconductors, solar cells, LED’s and other energy creating and saving devices. Premissa uses a unique, patented electrochemical process which uses a refillable solid source cell to generate on-site and on-demand ultra-pure arsine at lower cost than compressed arsine cylinders. It can also automatically provide blended arsine/hydrogen mixtures, at the pressure needed, to your MOCVD reactor.

The Premissa arsine generator eliminates the hazards and community concerns about compressed arsine gas cylinders at your Fab:

  • No cylinder transportation to your plant
  • No cylinder storage or storage limitations
  • No cylinder change-outs

Premissa was founded to make production, distribution and handling of gases such as arsine and other toxic industrial hydrides:

  • Faster. On demand, onsite, always available 24/7.
  • Better. Highest purity (>99.9999%) at lower cost than arsine gas cylinders--without the hazards. Fully automated production, simple graphic interface to chose arsine delivery time, concentration, and pressure for your MOCVD run.
  • Safer. No cylinders, cylinder delivery, changeouts or storage.
  • Efficient. Low energy consumption. Electrochemical process--instant ON/OFF.
  • Scalable. Pallet size canister modules; 5 slpm, with up to 500 kg arsine delivery per module (that’s equal to 20 to 50 arsine gas cylinders!)
  • Easier, Lower Cost. Refillable canisters designed for continuous operation, shipped by common truck or air-freight

Based on over 25 years of prior experience with electrochemical industrial gas production, Premissa’s newly patented technology is the ONLY process providing industrial scale for on-site arsine gas generation.

VCSEL schematic

Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSEL)

Semiconductor Manufacturing



No Cylinders

Solar Cell

Industrial Arsine Production

Low Pressure. Unlimited Gas Production. Fully Automated. Failsafe.

We've created a new kind of arsine generator, designed for efficiency and safety. Click on any of the links below to learn about all the features Premissa's generators have to offer.


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